The YTB Opportunities Are Something You Should Consider If You Are Looking For a Home Based Business

Do you want to be your own boss but do not have enough capital? Well you can do so now with less than $500 since there are YTB opportunities.YTB stands for Your Travel Business. As a member, you have the opportunity to make money by selling travel or selling a travel agency.There are two types of YTB opportunities. The first is by becoming an RTA or referring travel agent. After paying the one time start up fee of $449.95 and paying a monthly fee of $50 a month, you get to earn 60% of the package booked.The second YTB opportunity occurs when you decide to become a marketing representative. As a rep, you don’t have to pay any fees or earn any sales commissions. The only way you will earn is through enrollments and sponsorships.If you are one of those that want to make the most of out of your YTB opportunity, you can do both. If you are not sure how things will go, try it out as a rep first then become an RTA later on.In 2007, the company earned $414 million and a majority of it came from RTAs. This means that there are more YTB opportunities by referring people to them than by being a rep.For the amount that you pay in start up fees, you get an automated booking website, back office support from the company, online training, weekly conference calls, team support and coaching, bonuses and access to company sponsored special travel deals. That is not bad for the amount of money you invested which you will recoup in the next few months.Unknown to many, YTB opportunities can also give you tax deductions by 20 to 30% because you are operating your own business. This also includes deductions in the equipment you use to run it including your computer, car and vacations. If you compare what you spend on a vacation as a regular employee compared to that of an entrepreneur, you get to save money because what you are spending is pre-tax and not after tax dollars.Everyone has a dream of becoming their own boss so why wait when you can avail of YTB opportunities right now? All you have to do is go online, fill up the form and then a team leader will help guide you through the rest of the process.There is no guarantee that YTB opportunities is your solution to financial freedom. Just like any business, it is a risk so you have to do your share by getting people to book through you so commissions will start pouring in.