Become a Home Based Travel Agent – 3 Perks of Running Your Own Agency From Home

The article below will talk about how to become a home based travel agent and 3 perks that come along with being this type of business owner. The internet changed many things, but one of the biggest things was how people book their travel. Many don’t use travel agents anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make money in the travel industry.1. Travel Discounts: When you become a travel agent you gain many perks including discounts on your travel. If you choose to get certified you will receive discounts on hotels, cruises, air travel and more. It isn’t the main reason to become one, but it is nice to get these discounts and the amount of money you save adds up to a great deal over time.2. Your Own Schedule: Unlike working for a brick and mortar agency, which is also not as necessary in today’s internet world, you can set your own schedule when you work from home. You can decide what kind of agent you want to be, what kind of places you want to research and book, and whether or not you even want to plan trips for people. It is completely up to you how you want to run your travel business.3. Many Ways to Make Money:It used to be that in order to make a commission as a travel agent you had to make a sale; but the internet has changed all that and now there are many ways to make money as a home based travel agent. You don’t even have to sell any travel in order to make money in the travel industry, you can do so by simply creating a website and talking about travel if you wish. But if you love to plan trips and that is something you want to do, then there are still many ways you can make money doing that too. You can make money through Google AdSense, as an affiliate for travel companies, you can even become a condo broker, the opportunities are endless and are definitely not restricted to just scheduling and selling a vacation.Above we talked about how to become a home based travel agent and just a few of the perks that come along with being one. Not only do you get travel discounts, get to make your own schedule, but there are so many different ways to make money as an agent these days working from home you no longer have to slave away in the hopes for a small commission. In fact, it is possible to make money with a travel website without ever booking a vacation, you can pick and choose how you want to earn a living as a home based travel agent.

More Info on Travel Hair Dryers

Travel hair dryers have been invented with the special consideration for people who are on the move always. Traveling businessmen who need frequent business trips to other countries are not deprived with their right to dry and style their hair with the help of these travel hair dryers. These special hair dryers are made with the aim of serving those people who cannot always style their hair at their home. Convenient drying is offered by such professional quality travel hair dryers as they are integrated with all the features that help them to be used in any other country outside their home town. Since the voltage requirement for a different country may differ, the travel dryers are integrated with a incredible feature known as universal or dual voltage facility with which anyone can use it from anywhere in the world. You can plug it and dry your hair from your hotel room when you are staying in another country. The dual voltage models are set with the ability to work according to the voltage requirement of that country you are residing for the time. This wonderful feature makes the travel dryers highly demanded by the traveling business class of today.A travel hair dryer is also designed with features that enable it to be carried easily and comfortably with your luggage. The most professional models of today are designed with a compact and ultra light weight profile that can be slipped inside your bag or even pockets to be carried with you on the flight. You need not worry about the weight of it as it can be carried with you always as a common beauty kit. You can ensure that your hair is always set perfectly when you are away from your home. You can dry your hair flawlessly and quickly after a bath so that you are in time with the business meeting there. Moreover, they do not bring any health hazards like headaches, pain or hair pulling and over-drying that is brought about by the conventional hair dryers. You can pack it neatly with your luggage. The modern models come with a cordless design that eliminates your need for carrying the long cord and also the hassles involves with tangling of the cords.

The Tao Philosophy of Independent Travel

What is an Independent Traveler?There is a certain philosophy that the independent traveler adheres to. While the tourist looks for comfort, convenience and a home away from home, the independent traveler prefers to become part of the culture as much as possible. The independent traveler likes to leave home behind.There are many different terms in use to describe independent travelers. A hobo, in this sense, is someone without a home, spends very little or no money, and travels to work. A backpacker is a traveler on a budget who’s luggage is usually a single backpack. A flash packer has more money to spend than the hobo or backpacker, but still prefers the lifestyle of independent travel.Regardless of the term used, independent travelers share a common philosophy.The Independent Traveler:1) Does Not Like to be PamperedIndependent travelers have a distaste for typical, over-priced packaged tours. They avoid rigid itineraries, instead preferring to plan their own trips. Rather than being pampered during their travels, independents feel more comfortable on their own. When one is told when to eat, where to go and how long to stay, it is like putting a noose on experience. Independents rely on their own judgment, they do not let others think for them or tell them what to do.2) Spends Less Money to Enjoy MoreThe less money an independent traveler spends, the more he or she enjoys the trip. Big spending tends to isolate the traveler from new, vibrant experience. Rather than getting caught up in the consumer trap of buying expensive souvenirs, paying for useless accessories and the “convenience” of doing what you are told to do on a tour, independents do more of the things they enjoy doing, rather than buying things that distracts one from the experience of the trip.3) Travels LightTraveling with lots of luggage is a huge inconvenience that costs the traveler time, money and worry. All those things that tourists take with them on vacation actually impedes the trip, rather than enhance it. One of the purposes of travel is to enjoy what is there, not what is at home. Traveling light provides more freedom for the traveler and instead of baby-sitting all those “important” material possessions one can focus on experiencing life.4) Becomes Immersed in the CultureIt is very difficult, even impossible, to experience a new place or culture when you are sheltered in a tour bus, or in a fancy hotel. The only way to maximize the experience of new things is to step into them and participate with an open mind. One travels to a foreign place to experience the foreign. Yet, too often the tourist erects shields to become isolated from the foreign experiences sought. The independent traveler does not fear what is foreign, but seeks it out and slowly, courteously, attempts to let it become a part of his or her life.5) Goes with the FlowWorry kills enjoyment. Time schedules, tasks and material things contribute to worry. When worry pounds away in your head you cannot truly experience what is there. It is easy to see with the eyes, it is an art to understand with the mind. The independent traveler knows that not everything always goes to plan; a flight might be canceled, a bus could be delayed, the weather may not be ideal. With a tight schedule these things could ruin a trip. With flexibility one can actually learn to enjoy them. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Sometimes you can find without seeking.6) Believes that a Vacation is an EducationWhen one continues to do the same things one has always done, he or she will continue to receive the same results. Travel to the independent is more than a vacation, it is an education. Independent travel allows the individual to try new things, to see beyond one’s mental and cultural background, to experience, to learn and to grow. When one travels with an open mind learning becomes a delightful activity. Acquaintances learn from the traveler, the traveler learns from them, and therefore learns more about his or her person than otherwise would be possible. Learning extends beyond the four walls of a classroom to include the world.7) Enjoys FreedomTo achieve freedom one does not need more. One needs less. The independent traveler has very few time constraints, material possessions, itineraries and lists of things to do. The independent is free to take advantage of any opportunity that comes along. The independent may stay up late to watch the sun set, wander into an isolated village, discover healing rituals of a disappearing culture, enjoy extra time with old friends and accept the gracious hospitality of new ones. The independent traveler understands that baggage should be left at home.Leave things behind to take the world with you.